We strictly follow PDPA. Agensi Pekerjaan Dream Career committed to the protection of every candidate personal information and privacy; and Dream Career reserved the right to amend/review this policy at any time. You will be deemed to accept this privacy protection policy.

  1. Definition
    "Dream Career" means Agensi Pekerjaan Dream Career Sdn Bhd

*(PDPA) means Personal Data Protection Act

  1. Personal Information collection
    to provide our services, we are required to collect personal information from you through our website, associate websites, social media site, interviews and blogs. All processing of data collection is compulsory in order for us to process our recommendation / services – job seeker registration, interview process, interaction during events etc.

Personal information which collected might include but not limited to Name, Nickname, Age, Gender, Race, Identity Card Number, Passport Number, Mobile Number, Office Number, Home Number, Address, Date Of Birth, License Number, Car Number, Spouse & Children information, Bank account detail, Video record, Audio Record, Photograph, Comment, Opinion, Suggestion, Any information related to your Experience & Qualification, and any other information which are part of PDPA.

  1. Process Purpose
    Dream Career will process your personal data for specific and limited purposes ONLY.
    You are agreed that personal data collected which processed by Dream Career may include but not limited to any of following:
  • Communication with you via Email, Face to face, Phone Call, Video Call, Social media.
  • Enquiries
  • Research & Development purposes
  • Any other purposes related to any of above.
  1. 3rd Party Disclosure
    Dream Career may / will share your personal data in order to facilitate our services include but not limited to
  • Dream Career client – Hiring Companies.
  • Dream Career‘s online associate @ affiliate partners / business partners which provides related to our business services.
  • Dream Career related parties – Recruitment Consultant, HR personnel, Accountant, Auditor, Advisors, and Collectors etc.
  • Government agencies / Authorities
  • Your emergency contact person
  1. Safeguards
    Authorized person only able to access your personal information and are obligate to ensure confidentiality of your personal data. It is your responsibility to log out from any login if you are sharing computer with anyone In order to protect your accounts & personal information.
  1. Accuracy of Personal Data
    For any changes of your personal data, you may at any time login and make changes accordingly or sending a written request to Dream Career via Email to request for the correction.

Email    : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel       : 03-9076 3228

By announcement of this policy in this website, we deem our customers/ client / jobseekers have notified on the terms and agree to process your personal data for purpose stated above. If no feedback / notice from you, we assumed you have agreed with the above mentioned terms.

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For a company to succeed, it needs the right people. But finding the right people is no easy task. This is where we come in. At Agensi Pekerjaan Dream Career, we are dedicated in finding the right candidate for a company for their overall progress.

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