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Our Client company would not pay lower but even better offer to you through our negotiation & strong recommendations. Our client company pay us for services fee only. Most of companies having limited resources & time to process the screening, therefore they found cost efficient to work with us. In addition, many jobs we handle are not advertised directly by Our Client company. As if you register with us, you will get the opportunity and outstands others.

No agency can guarantee you to get job. Our ability is to help you depends on the job orders we have at the periodic time. As if you registered with us, you will be our priority whenever we process our assignments.

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We might dealing with your current employer / past employer. However, Dream Career will be 100% respect & taking care of your confidentially and only share your personal information to other potential Client Company.

Yes, it is your call to request as we are following PDPA – Data protection act.

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